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Local search is a rapidly growing market that is quickly becoming more verticalized: specialized by industry.
OnTargetLocal was founded in 2005 to help connect consumers with local businesses and providers of products and services via the internet. We currently specialize in helping connect internet users to acupuncturists, airport shuttles and taxis, tattoo removal services, computer repair, electricians, laser hair removal, massage, photographers, plumbers, tanning salons, and auto glass repair. We’ve worked hard to build authoritative directories for each of these markets in an effort to produce truly neutral business listing results that have all sorts of deep content such as pictures, videos, amenities, discounts and more.
Our vision to be the local clearinghouse for consumers looking to find these kinds of products and provide users with a valuable Web site where they can shop and compare – and in many cases receive exclusive offers or discounts.

We hope you enjoy our site!