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OnTargetLocal was created to help you find local businesses near you. We list more than 100,000 local businesses across the United States.

We have worked hard to create quality content and unbiased listings to help you in your search for acupuncture, airport taxis, tattoo services, computer repair, electricians, laser hair removal, massage, photographers, plumbers, tanning salons, auto glass, and more. Our local directories are built from the ground up using advanced techniques to ensure that the information we provide to you is accurate and up to date.

why local search

Find What You're Looking For With OnTargetLocal.com

Local search is a rapidly growing market that is quickly becoming more verticalized: specialized by industry.
Sites dedicated to helping you find the right vendor in a particular market such laser hair removal, spas, salons, or computer repair services are a better fit for you to find exactly what you are seeking. This is because these vertical sites have expert content that is designed specifically by experts in those industries, meaning that you benefit from pre-screened businesses, updated and accurate content, and the best search for your needs.